MC-Media Launches Af-ORDIS, the first online training on African Economy

Mekki Elmoghrabi
By Mekki Center November 2, 2018


Mekki Center for Media (MC-Media) has launched Chapter1 of Media Training Programs “African Online Reporting on Development, Investment and Stability (Af-ORDIS).”

The main purpose of Af-ORDIS is to put the three categories of development, investment and stability in the context of African Economic Integration and Intra-Africa Trade. The program supports the goals of African Economic Community (AEC), African continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Regional Economic Communities (RECs), AU Projects and Initiatives on development, Investment and stability; Program of Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) and other programs and projects in similar fields.

“Journalists, reporters and press writers in the field of economy reporting should not be confused by the extended list of African programs and acronyms, all of them are aiming to address development, investment and stability, it is high time to be linked with Intra-Africa.” Mekki ELMOGRABI, founder and Chairman of MC-Media.

MC-Media works with partners through Journalists’ associations, organizations and networks that cover the regional level of RECs as well as the local level in order to re-direct reporting to Pan African goals and African Agenda 2063.

“AfCFTA in this stage of establishing AEC, can be the main target but still journalists should continue serving all other African and regional programs in the course of African economic integration as long as the Pan African orientation in their minds.”

Af-ORDIS helps networking and training journalists and press writers online and also designs and implements workshops on TOT on Af-ORDIS. “Visa issues and the cost of movement can deprive young professionals from having themselves in the track. They spend time waiting to be invited while they are capable to start reporting and doing something if we network them and improve their awareness on AEC”, Mekki said. “We will make this possible and will give the big partners an opportunity to discover and support the new generation” Mekki added.

The project has six tracks and starts with reporters who attained the minimum level of writing and publishing on local websites or blogs then MC-Media work with them on the written pieces before or after publishing to re-direct and link them to related programs, organizations and partners. MC-Media enables African partners to contact reporters and provide them with information and they can pick the best reporting to support.

In the first stage the program has 4 volunteer Media trainers for English language, 2 for Arabic language and one for French language with capacity of 20 participants per month. The link of the form has been sent to 48 economy reporters and press writers and will be open for all journalists in January 2019.

MC-Media has prepared proposals for partners on how to support and fund the program,

Click here for Af-ORDIS form


Mekki Elmoghrabi
By Mekki Center November 2, 2018