What is Mekki Center?

mekki center logoMekki Center focuses on African issues with more concentration and balanced attention to the wider concepts of  Human Values and Human and Peoples’ Rights, through the approach of Economic Rights and Freedoms.

The center’s “Main Objective” is to support the mainstream of Pan-Africanism and to play an advanced role in the battle of the Third World against injustice and retardation by giving priority to the right to development, right to environment, collective, and cultural rights along with individual, political, economic and civil rights.

The Center aims also to lead a dialogue on Comprehensive Orientation on Human Rights with regional and international partners and also to involve in cooperation with partners who are calling for other approaches and priorities. The Center runs programs organized by partners, volunteers, and friends.

The Center’s Mission is to promote for think tanks, strategic studies centers, organizations, development programs and also for the final outcomes of forums, workshops, conferences, and all activities that come in the context of implementing or setting strategic plans and objectives related to Human and Environmental Rights.

Mekki Center founded in July 2011 in Khartoum – ٍSudan by Mekki Elmograbi, a Sudanese press writer, who practiced journalism for more than 20 years with specialization in African issues, particularity Economy, Development and Stability.

Volunteers and Friends who are willing to share and support the dialogue on African issues are welcomed through the Center’s social media, basically, Twitter & Facebook groups, join and send message to The Daily Paragraph or  African Journalists for Human and Peoples’ Rights


 Media Products and Services from Mekki Center & Partners

Mekki Center offers these five products and services directly or through our partners.

Contact the center through email to receive the pricing lists from the center and other partners.

  • Writing Catchphrase: Phrases of 3-7 words which are really attractive and meaningful as a catchphrase, slogans, taglines, themes or titles for organizations, events, workshops, or activities.
  • Writing Seal: A short paragraph usually contains 25 – 30 words which is a strong message to the audience through media. It could appear in press releases or news, it is not just introductory information or facts, it links events with the media context in the targeted area or audience.
  • Designing workshops and other events: Contains: Topics + Basic Materials and Info + Titles of Papers and Presentations + Expected Outcomes + Outlines of Press Releases and Media Suggestions
  • VIP-PR Meetings: Organize smart Public Relations events with influential keys & VIPs.
  • Private Info & Consultancy: Prepared according to the request from organizations, corporations or authorities regarding their needs for market survey and other opportunities.


More Services…

The Center with its slim staff works through professional and social media networks; it also nominates researchers and experts to contribute to activities related to the center’s mission. The center exists and works in several countries through partnerships and coordination.

The Center’s Website publishes news and interviews only through the center’s participation in events and activities or within a partnership with organizers of the events and the activities. The Website is a reliable source for African newspapers, magazines, radios, TVs and other strategic centers and think tanks.

Programs and activities organizers are also invited to contact the center for:

  •   1- Strategizing media campaigns by publishing news, interviews, and reports for events and activities, linking media products with strategic goals.
  •     2- Integrating media with strategic plans and objectives by preparing or participating in studies, papers and presentations on the role of media in all careers.
  •       3- Designing media conferences, seminars, and other programs, and training the organizers on early and well-planned involvement with media.











Mekki Elmograbi,

Founder and Chairman of Mekki Center:

Press Writer & Media Expert


List of Papers & Presentations of the center:

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