PIDA Journalists Network Launched in Accra

Mekki Elmoghrabi
By Mekki Center May 19, 2015

 PIDA Journalists Network Launched in Accra


The Programme for Infrastructure Development in Africa (PIDA) – African Union Commission (AUC) organized 3-day workshop from 19-21 May for the launching of PIDA Journalists Network.

The workshop supported by GIZ , one of PIDA cooperation partners, supposed to set up a framework and action plan for PIDA Journalists Network.

Previously, PIDA as an Initiative launched by AUC – Infrastructure and Energy Department has developed a communication strategy in collaboration with, NEPAD Planning and Coordinating Agency (NPCA), the African Development Bank (AfDB), and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA); the strategy includes a network for journalists focusing on development, infrastructure and energy in Africa.

The event started in Accra – Ghana at Airside Hotel by welcoming remarks of PIDA Coordinator at AUC Mr. Cheikh Diakhate, he spoke on behalf of the Director of AUC – Infrastructure and Energy Department, Mr Aboubakari Baba Moussa.

Mr. HA Warkani the director of ECOWAS Communication Center and the Deputy Director of Communication Directorate, said PIDA should be the pillar of development in Africa, “West Africa is willing to play a key role in all PIDA programmes”, Warkani said in his speech.

NEPAD is represented by Abiola Ajayi, the Officer in Charge of Communication, the Senior Policy Officer, “The aim of this journalists’ network is to help unpack the PIDA agenda and give it a human face. A face that will showcase impact and context – equally to ordinary African citizens as well as global business industries”, she said in her remarks.

Anna Waldmann the Manager of PIDA Supporting Program – GIZ highlighted the role of media on development in Africa, “it is very important to reach African people by PIDA programmes and to help them realize the importance of our programmes and to understand how it could change their lives”, she said.

Yagouba Traore the Senior Information Analyst at AUC presented the objectives of the workshop which are sharing information and knowledge on PIDA and also identifying the tools and the mechanisms in raising public awareness on PIDA to facilitate to public dialogue on experiences, insights on infrastructure development in Africa.

PIDA was approved by the African Union in January 2012, and then a broad partnership was established with NPCA, AfDB), and UNECA.

PIDA provides the strategic framework for priority projects in transport, energy, ICT and trans-boundary water to transform Africa through the construction of modern infrastructure into an interconnected and integrated continent that is competitive domestically and in the global economy.

PIDA’s overall strategic objective is to enable Africa to build the common market. By improving access to integrated regional and continental infrastructure networks, PIDA will allow countries to meet forecast demand for infrastructure services and boost competitiveness.

Mekki Elmograbi, the President of SPF, said the importance of PIDA for African journalists who are supporting Agenda 2063 is that they need measurable achievements to promote and to convince the African public opinion that something is happening on the ground, “here comes the importance of PIDA because the real challenge to Agenda 2063 is to translate political statements and commitments into concrete actions not just by envisioning several measures at regional and national levels but by integrating the targets of Agenda 2063 into planning and all implementation levels”, Mekki said.


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Mekki Elmoghrabi
By Mekki Center May 19, 2015