EU-Africa summit in Brussels, February 2022 comes amidst criticism and hopes

👤Mekki Center 🕔14.Jan 2022

MC-Media 14 Jan 2022 A Sudanese press writer has suggested that Nordic countries in Europe play a bigger role in Europe-Africa relations to remove what he describes as “the bitterness and pain of the past”. He highlighted the Nordic countries’ contribution to the African liberation movement during the apartheid period in southern Africa. Mekki ELMOGRABI, […]

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EU-AU Summit in Brussels 2022, the First after “Global Gateway Initiative”

👤Mekki Center 🕔10.Jan 2022

To expel the demons of the past from EU-Africa relations, we would need help from Nordic countries, which could be the best exorcist. By Mekki ELMOGRABI Press Writer on African Affairs WhatsApp & Telegram +249912139350 Why do we need a Nordic European role in EU-Africa dialogue? The EU-AU summit in Brussels, February 2022, comes […]

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French think tank’s expert: small African countries are the winners in AFCFTA

👤Mekki Center 🕔28.Jul 2019

Professor Jean-Joseph Boillot said in an interview, the small African countries will benefit from AFCFTA more than the big countries, but still the big countries will gain new more opportunities.  Boillotis is an associate resacher at IRIS. He is a specialist on the economy of emerging world. Prof Boillot warned of some risks. “The first […]

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Green Business, Francophone Entrepreneurs’ Network : L’Afrique francophone met en réseau ses entrepreneurs verts

👤Mekki Center 🕔22.Aug 2018

Green Youth entrepreneurs has launched their network in Marrakesh. The International Forum of Youth and Green Entrepreneurs in Francophone Africa, organized (from 19 to 21 June) by Initiatives Climat, was a real opportunity to promote projects that fight the impacts and the reasons of climate change. read from sources:

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Mauritius and Italy Collaborates in the Field of Renewable Energy

👤Mekki Center 🕔16.Feb 2018

A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to promote cooperation in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency was signed between the Ministry of Energy and Public Utilities and the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land and Sea on 12 February 2018 at the Hennessy Park Hotel in Ebène. The Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Energy and […]

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