Periscope: Opposition Unity and National Dialogue

Mekki Elmoghrabi
By Mekki Center October 26, 2014

The reputable Sudanese journalist and political commentator Mr. Mekki Elmograbi has made very points during an interview with Ashorooq TV Channel on the last opposition meeting by Azraq Taybia.

First, that he welcomed the meeting as a turning point in convening political opposition meeting inside the country and not in foreign capitals. The second is that the meeting declaration will replace the Paris Declaration or at the least undermine its strength as the only document or agenda for the national dialogue discussions and deliberations.

These are two important factors to commend the idea of the unity of the opposition forces.

But what is more important is that a real unity of the opposition is over a  realistic agenda that might facilitate a genuine national dialogue between two or three major blocks instead of 70 or 80 fragmented parties that may turn the dialogue to a fruitless talking shop.

Also, this can be a good step in the long road for national unity which can only be vide the building of block by block a solid a vision for the future of the country that can best safeguards the basic national interest.
This not an easy task but a thousand miles journey is said to start with a step.

Same time this also bring to the surface the importance of unity vide democracy, participation and transparency inside the various political parties, groups and civil society organization.

Logically you cannot demand a public democratic arena while you are not practicing this inside your house. This is the most important issue that must be addressed by those political forces in the coming days. In addition these fragmented political forces (almost 100) should unify their ranks by the unity of the groups of the same vision in three or four strong blocks.

So, this effort that has started should go in two parallel roads to meet at the end in the centre of national unity.

By: Alula Berhe Kidani

Mekki Elmoghrabi
By Mekki Center October 26, 2014