Morning Economy

👤Mekki Center 🕔11.Oct 2021

In developing countries, granting full economic freedom to producers in their “morning markets” will put the entire economy on the right track and will eliminate illegal activities inside countries and along the tense borders. By Mekki ELMOGRABI Press Writer on African Affairs WhatsApp & Telegram +249912139350 The idea is new but simple. Colors of […]

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Islam vs. Islamism: Answering a question on the article “Who dares to invite the elephant to the room?”

👤Mekki Center 🕔29.Sep 2021

By Mekki ELMOGRABI, Press Writer on African Affairs WhatsApp & Telegram +249912139350 I had a nice discussion on the article “Who dares to invite the elephant into the room?” with a smart ambassador from the country of smart people, I liked this question and I will answer it in this article: What is the difference between […]

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guinea-africa-map small

Guinea Joins the African Club of the “Coup Belt”

👤Mekki Center 🕔8.Sep 2021

Although the situation was difficult and Alpha Conde’s third term was controversial, the military coup is not justifiable. By Mekki ELMOGRABI Press Writer on African Affairs The fifth of September 2021, will be remembered in history as the day of the coup d’état by Guinea’s military that overthrew the first democratically elected president Alpha […]

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4 New leaders for Free Economy in Sudan

New Four Leaders for Free Economy and Better Relations with the World

👤Mekki Center 🕔1.Mar 2021

Could the right & center alliance liberalize Sudanese economy, stabilize political arena, and defeat Marxists?                 By Mekki ELMOGRABI Sudan has taken an extraordinary but necessary action and decided finally to float the national currency achieving the major demand of IMF, World Bank, friends, and donors in order […]

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sudan and ethiopia - war

Devil of War is Peeping Behind the Door: This is the right recipe for Ethiopia and Sudan to avoid conflict and achieve prosperity

👤Mekki Center 🕔24.Feb 2021

By Mekki ELMOGRABI Press writer on African issues The Article Published Also on The Brown Land, Sudanese Weekly   Sudanese are called brothers in Ethiopia but when it comes to investment, they are foreigners. Also, Ethiopians are called brothers in Sudan but with no brotherhood privilege in the work permit, they could be treated as […]

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ethiopia in Africa

Horn of Africa Endangered by Untrue Media Attacks on Ethiopia

👤Mekki Center 🕔8.Feb 2021

Written by Lawrence Freeman February 4, 2021 In January 2021, the world witnessed a barrage of attacks on Ethiopia aimed at undermining the efforts of Prime Minister Dr. Abiy Ahmed to preserve the sovereignty of the Ethiopian nation.  This is a dangerous gambit not only for the potential harm it can trigger for the people […]

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Mombasa with frame

Mombasa, a place where history makes the future! By Mekki ELMOGRABI

👤Mekki Center 🕔12.Nov 2020

Mombasa connects the mind with history and culture. In past times and present days, it has been the gateway for Central-Eastern Africa. For some people, it is the place of sunny warm beaches and fresh coconut juice are found, African tea with ginger, and other sorts of things, but not known for its busy industrial […]

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world disaster

South Sudan confronts climate change with stringent policies to halt deforestation and restore forests around Juba City 

👤Mekki Center 🕔25.Sep 2020

By Paul Jimbo-South Sudan In the scenic hills of South Sudan’s Upper Nile State, smoke is billowing into the sky, signaling that yet another giant tree has fallen and is being turned into charcoal. Interestingly, a few years ago, the smoke would not have penetrated the then thick canopy of the tropical forest. Today, Upper […]

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Opinion: What is IRIMP? Could it be the third foundation of IGAD, East Africa?

👤Mekki Center 🕔1.Apr 2020

   By Mekki ELMOGRABI  IGAD at its inception in 1986 was dedicated only to issues of drought and desertification. In 1996 at the second foundation, the regional organization extended its mandate to act as a development agency with successful peace and security involvement.  I believe IGAD Regional Infrastructure Master Plan (IRIMP) is the start of […]

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african economic integration role of EDCs

Opinion: Is Africa a shining example of how economic corridors can change development concepts?

👤Mekki Center 🕔1.Apr 2020

      By Mekki ELMOGRABI         It is almost two decades since the term Economic Development Corridor (EDC) was coined. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) was the first organization to use the term in 1998. Since then, EDC is known as an integrated network of infrastructure within a geographical area designed to stimulate economic development. […]

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