Intra-Africa Reports

39th session of the Khartoum International Fair, June 1 to 7 2022

👤Mekki Center 🕔30.May 2022

“The expo will reflect the real image of Sudan, a country with huge resources and opportunities and good investment atmosphere”, SFZ Director, Al-Fateh Awad   The preparations for the 39th session of the Khartoum International Fair have been completed, as the expo will open from June 1 to 7 2022, with the participation of a […]

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As the Ukrainian War Divided the World, the Mother Continent and the Ancient Country Meet, Forging New Media Collaborations; Africa-Turkey Media Strategy Summit May 2022

👤Mekki Center 🕔27.May 2022

Media collaboration is based on advanced economic cooperation: 43 Turkish embassies in Africa, Trade volume of $25 billion, Turkish Airlines flies to 61 African destinations, and more. By Mekki ELMOGRABI More than 300 participants from the African media sector, diplomats, academics, and activists as well as government and non-government actors from Africa and Turkey attended […]

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Back from the UK to start a handicraft business in Kenya; Now She is Successful!

👤Mekki Center 🕔19.May 2022

Gaborone: MC-Media Africa is still full of stories of success and perseverance. Sheila Onyango, a young Kenyan businesswoman with a degree in Telecommunication from the UK, decided to return to her home country and start a small handicraft business. She has a business network with over 10 ladies who make traditional bags using local materials, […]

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Gaborone: PACCI and Business Botswana Organize 5th Edition of “Prosperity Africa”

👤Mekki Center 🕔17.May 2022

African Business Community wants AfCFTA to be Implemented not just Celebrated    By Mekki ELMOGRABI Botswana hosted on 17th, May 2022 “Prosperity Africa” conference for African Business partners, SMEs, and stakeholders under the theme “Benefiting from AfCFTA”. More than 70 business participants from all around the continent gathered in the meeting along with African chambers […]

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2022 edition of the AFRICA CEO FORUM will be held on June 13-14 in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire

👤Mekki Center 🕔7.Apr 2022

The 2022 edition of the AFRICA CEO FORUM, the largest annual event dedicated to private sector development in Africa, will be held on June 13-14, 2022, in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire. At a time when the world is recovering and rebuilding from COVID-19, and 10 years after its first edition, the event will focus on proposing new […]

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SGCI plays motivational, capacity building role among Ethiopian researchers

👤Mekki Center 🕔4.Mar 2022

  By: Mekonnen Teshome  Research experts say that the sub-Saharan Africa’s Science Granting Councils Initiative (SGCI) has played motivational and capacity building role among Ethiopian researchers and it should be carried out in a more sustainable manner. Mr. Selamyhun Adefris, Director General for Research and Innovation at the Ethiopian Ministry of Innovation and Technology, told […]

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Congratulations:18 December 2021 Marks 63 Anniversary of Niger’s National Day

👤Mekki Center 🕔18.Dec 2021

By Mekki ELMOGRABI Press Writer on African Affairs – Chairman of MC-Media WhatsApp & Telegram +249912139350 Niger is located in West Africa in an area of 1,267,000 km2 which is bigger than Turkey, Cyprus and Greece combined.  Niamey is the capital and largest city of the country, and also the economic hub. With a […]

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Morning Economy

👤Mekki Center 🕔11.Oct 2021

In developing countries, granting full economic freedom to producers in their “morning markets” will put the entire economy on the right track and will eliminate illegal activities inside countries and along the tense borders. By Mekki ELMOGRABI Press Writer on African Affairs WhatsApp & Telegram +249912139350 The idea is new but simple. Colors of […]

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Guinea Joins the African Club of the “Coup Belt”

👤Mekki Center 🕔8.Sep 2021

Although the situation was difficult and Alpha Conde’s third term was controversial, the military coup is not justifiable. By Mekki ELMOGRABI Press Writer on African Affairs The fifth of September 2021, will be remembered in history as the day of the coup d’état by Guinea’s military that overthrew the first democratically elected president Alpha […]

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Mombasa, a place where history makes the future! By Mekki ELMOGRABI

👤Mekki Center 🕔12.Nov 2020

Mombasa connects the mind with history and culture. In past times and present days, it has been the gateway for Central-Eastern Africa. For some people, it is the place of sunny warm beaches and fresh coconut juice are found, African tea with ginger, and other sorts of things, but not known for its busy industrial […]

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