U.S.-Africa Relations: A New Framework

👤Mekki Center 🕔24.May 2024

Remarks by Rex W. Tillerson, Secretary of State at George Mason University. Fairfax, Virginia on March 6, 2018 Click here

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Failed Coup in the DRC: How Could a US Green Card Turn Into a Bloody Card?

👤Mekki Center 🕔23.May 2024

The coup that took place in the Democratic Republic of Congo in May 2024 raises significant questions that need to be discussed. It appears to be relatively easy for a group of Africans to take advantage of asylum opportunities and obtain U.S. residency and citizenship. However, some individuals are not satisfied with working for delivery […]

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Call for Articles on African Australian Relations

👤Mekki Center 🕔22.May 2024

Open Space

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If India quits the US alliance, Africa will be in the departure lounge.

👤Mekki Center 🕔12.May 2022

  By Mekki ELMOGRABI* 2022 seems to be a remarkable year for the big changes made by the war in Ukraine, and it will not end without a new political map for the world. There will be new losers and new winners. Although the United States continues to err in international politics, it has “safety […]

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“U.S. conflict prevention strategy could be a game-changer”, Sudanese writer

👤Mekki Center 🕔24.Apr 2022

GA & MC-Media  The new U.S. conflict prevention strategy mandated by the bipartisan ‘Global Fragility Act’ is seen by observers as a step in the right direction toward establishing a U.S. foreign policy that truly “stops at the water’s edge” and serves American interests and international peace and security. Seven African countries will benefit from […]

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5 Positive Points and 5 Questions on the US Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability.

👤Mekki Center 🕔15.Apr 2022

By Mekki ELMOGRABI* In April 2022, the US has taken a major step forward in the spirit of partnership with Africa and the Third World to implement the “US ten-year Strategy to Prevent Conflict and Promote Stability.”  Pilot countries selected under the strategy include Haiti, Libya, Mozambique, Papua New Guinea, and a group of West […]

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Review of the Book “Challenges of China’s Global Ambitions”

👤Mekki Center 🕔28.Mar 2022

By Mekki ELMOGRABI Press Writer on African Affairs WhatsApp & Telegram +249912139350 It is one of the worst forms of colonization because it firstly disrupts Africa’s private sector and enforces secret deals between China and African governments, dashing any hope of democracy, transparency, and free enterprises owned by African people. Moreover, dept trap is […]

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EU-Africa summit in Brussels, February 2022 comes amidst criticism and hopes

👤Mekki Center 🕔14.Jan 2022

MC-Media 14 Jan 2022 A Sudanese press writer has suggested that Nordic countries in Europe play a bigger role in Europe-Africa relations to remove what he describes as “the bitterness and pain of the past”. He highlighted the Nordic countries’ contribution to the African liberation movement during the apartheid period in southern Africa. Mekki ELMOGRABI, […]

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EU-AU Summit in Brussels 2022, the First after “Global Gateway Initiative”

👤Mekki Center 🕔10.Jan 2022

To expel the demons of the past from EU-Africa relations, we would need help from Nordic countries, which could be the best exorcist. By Mekki ELMOGRABI Press Writer on African Affairs WhatsApp & Telegram +249912139350 Why do we need a Nordic European role in EU-Africa dialogue? The EU-AU summit in Brussels, February 2022, comes […]

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International community welcomes reinstatement of Hamadok

👤Mekki Center 🕔22.Nov 2021

“Protests will continue and will be used by leftists to blow up the deal and to stop economic reforms”, Mekki ELMOGRABI. MC-Media, Khartoum. According to Reuters, the United States, Britain, Norway, the European Union, Canada and Switzerland welcomed the reinstatement of Hamadok and in a joint statement urged the release of other political detainees. UNITAMS, […]

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